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Current Events:
Lecture Joint Use Libraries: A Panel Discussion - September 23, 2010

Panel discussion on issues involved with joint use facilities - policies, procedures, budgets, logistics, etc. The discussion will give the audience some guidance and ideas for initiating conversations about new or proposed joint-use libraries; address questions from existing joint-use libraries; and help people understand the benefits of joint-use libraries, particularly during economically challenging times.

Featuring Terri Davis, moderator; panelists are Mike Mullin, Dee Ann Cole, Angela Ostrander and Greta Chapman



WDT Public Meeting on Expansion Project to Include East Library - June 22, 2010

The $9 million building project to expand and enhance Western Dakota Tech is disucessed. The project includes a east branch of the public library that is a collaboration between the city, county and school.

  Message from Rapid City Public Library Director - Greta Chapman:

Director's Strategic Plan Update - September 2009
Director's Strategic Plan Update - June 2009

Director's Report on RCPL Knowledge Network - September 2009
- Check out the Knowledge Network now!

Guest presentations:
Lunch & Learn RCPL April 2011 Lunch & Learn: “Hit & Myth in the Garden” with Master Gardeners Cathie Draine and Doug Hesnard - April 20, 2011

Gardening Presentation

Writer's Gathering at RCPL April 2011 Writer's Gathering - April 16, 2011

Panel discussion by Black Hills area authors about self-publishing.

Rhoda Burrows Community Voices “Getting Your Garden Ready” with Rhoda Burrows - April 07, 2011

Learn what to do to make sure your garden is ready to go when the weather is!

Suncatcher Riding Academy Program at RCPL

Lunch & Learn with the Suncatcher Riding Academy - March 16, 2011

A program by the SunCatcher Therapeutic Riding Academy,
a non-profit that provides a comprehensive equine therapy program for children, teens, and adults with disabilities and/or special needs, and disadvantaged children.

Tom Farrell Wind Cave National Park

Lunch & Learn with Tom Farrrell of Wind Cave National Park - February 16, 2011

Tom Farrell, Chief of Interpretation, gives an in-depth look at what is happening at Wind Cave National Park including their mountain pine beetle response plan.

story times at the rapid city public library

Saturday Story Time with guest Storytellers Crissy & Nikki from SHE 106.3 - February 12, 2011

Radio hosts, Crissy and Nikki from SHE 106.3 read Valentines themed stories.

Malcom Chapman

Community Voices: Leadership - February 3, 2011

Motivational speaker, consultant and former Rapid City alderman malcom Chapman discusses building healthy communities and why leadership skills are important.

David Moore

Lunch and Learn: Back to Nam - January 19, 2011

Vietnam veteran and world traveler David Moore talks about his trip back to Vietnam to build Habitat for Humanity Houses.

Steve Babbitt

Community Voices: Steve Babbitt & Photography - January 6, 2011

Professional photographer and Black Hills State University professor Steve Babbitt talks about his work, trends in photography and answers audience questions.

Kenny Putnam and Boyd Bristow

Lunch and Learn: Kenny Putnam and Boyd Bristow Live at the Library- Decmeber 15, 2010

Fiddler Kenny Putnam and singer/songwriter Boyd Bristow perform live at the Library. Both are members of South Dakota Acoustic Christmas and are known across the country for their musical talent.

Jo Hillberry

Community Voices: Small Batch Winemaking - Decmeber 2, 2010

Master Gardener and wine maker Jo Hillberry talks about small batch winemaking from beginning to end, including how to select grapes or other produce, instructions on equipment, the process, and bottling the finished product.

Dr. Gary Brundige

Lunch and Learn: Custer State Park - November 17, 2010

Dr. Gary Brundige, resource program manager at Custer State Park, talks about the park’s buffalo, wildlife and timber management programs. Custer State Park stretches over 71,000 acres of the Black Hills offering visitors a variety of scenery and an abundance of wildlife including over 1,300 bison.


Poets Coffeehouse - November 5, 2010

Listen to local poets read their work during the Fall Poets Coffeehouse hosted by the Rapid City Public Library and High Plains Writers.

Guy Dull Knife

Community Voices - Five Generations, One Struggle. The story of the Dull Knife Family of Pine Ridge. - November 4, 2010

The Dull Knife family has battled to survive on the Pine Ridge Reservation  for over 130 years. Throughout history the family has played a critical role in preserving the Lakota culture and defending the Reservation from destruction. The book written about the family has become the basis for a documentary. Guy Dull Knife Jr. shares his family’s story, talks about his art work and provides information on the Lakota people.

Family Tree

Community Voices - Starting Your Family Tree - October 7, 2010

Like a tree, family histories can be intertwined with branches and leaves and roots that started growing hundreds of years ago. The mere thought of tracing ones history can be daunting. June Beason, who has been involved with genealogy for over 30 years, knows this and is ready to help. June Share her knowledge, experience, and resources as she teaches attendees how to get started on their own family trees. 


Lunch and Learn - Canning, Preserving, and Drying - September 2, 2010

Master Gardeners Sheila Hillberry and Tammy Glover talk about preserving, drying, and canning garden produce as well as how to make sauerkraut.
Community Voices Presentation

Community Voices - Heirloom Preservation - May 6, 2010

A panel of state and local experts discuss their work and how their expertise can be applied to the preservation of family heirlooms and collectibles.
Joe Hillberry

Community Voices - How Does Your Garden Grow? - April 1, 2010

Master gardener Joe Hillberry talks about planning and growing a garden in western South Dakota.

Lunch and Learn - Dakota Rural Action - March 17, 2010

Learn about Dakota Rural Action, a grassroots organization, and the work it is doing in the areas of family agriculture and conservation including House BIll 1222.
Green Panel

Community Voices Lecture Series - Living Green - March 4, 2010

"Living Green and Loving It"
A panel discussion featuring six local experts covering all things green from construction to recycling and even food. Panel includes Suzanne Iudicello Martley, Danny Wegner, Jerilyn Roberts, Karen Buxcel, Jeremy Altman, Craig Lewis.
Rex Briggs

Community Voices Lecture Series with Rex Briggs, MSW- Feb. 4, 2010

"Finding Love in a Digital Age"
Local author and counsler, Rex Briggs, talks about the upsides and downsides of internet dating, dating in general and what we have a right to expect.
Jerry Owens

Lunch and Learn - Wanna Be a Beekeeper? - Jan. 20, 2010

"Wannabe a Beekeeper"
Jerry Owens, beekeeper and founder of the organization Wannabe a Beekeeper, discusses what is involved in beekeeping and the trouble bees are in throughout the world.

Lunch and Learn - Celtic Music by String Thaw - Dec. 16, 2009 (part 1)
Lunch and Learn - Celtic Music by String Thaw - Dec. 16, 2009 (part 2)

"Celetic Music by String Thaw"
Enjoy and learn about traditional Celtic music performed by Benjamin (fiddle, mandolin, guitar and accordian), Holly (Irish whistle, Irish flute, recorder and guitar) and Michael (mandolin, Irish bouzouki and bodhran) Lemay.
Peggy Norris

Community Voices Lecture Series with Dr. Peggy Norris - Nov. 5, 2009

"Mining for Scientific Gold in the Black Hills"
Dr. Peggy Norris, deputy director of education and outreach for Sanford Lab presents, “Mining for Scientific Gold in the Black Hills.” She reports on the search for natures most elusive particles deep underground at the former Homestake gold mind.

Lunch and Learn with Dallas Krausch- Sept. 16, 2009 (part 1)
Lunch and Learn with Dallas Krausch- Sept. 16, 2009 (part 2)

"Fit for Life"
Dallas Krausch presents, "Fit for Life," long term habits of diet and exercise that can increase your life expectancy and quality of life in your later years.

Book Signing & Reception with Dan O'Brien - March 15, 2009 (part 1)
Book Signing & Reception with Dan O'Brien - March 15, 2009 (part 2)

"Buffalo for the Broken Heart"
Book Signing and Author Reception for Dan O'Brien, author of "Buffalo for the Broken Heart" - the 2009 One Book South Dakota Selection.

Lunch & Learn with Linda Hasselstrom - May 20, 2009 (part 1)
Lunch & Learn with Linda Hasselstrom - May 20, 2009 (part 2)

"Why I Love Cows and You Should Too"
South Dakota author Linda Hasselstrom discusses her love of cows.



Lunch and Learn with Cathie Draine - May 21, 2008 (part 1)
Lunch and Learn with Cathie Draine - May 21, 2008 (part 2)

"Getting to the Root of Things"
Master Gardener Cathie Draine helps her audience understand that great gardening results come from soil preparation and understanding what plants need . . . from the roots up.

Community Presentations:
deborah madison

"How to Grow and Diversify Your Farmers Market" with Deborah Madison
- July 12, 2009 (part 1)

"How to Grow and Diversify Your Farmers Market" with Deborah Madison
- July 12, 2009 (part 2)

Local Foods Summit brought to you by Dakota Rural Action
Simon Von Booy

Commentary and book reading by author Simon Van Booy of his book "Love Begins in Winter" on October 3, 2009 at the South Dakota Festival of Books

Simon Von Booy

Book reading by author Jerry Wilson of his book "Waiting for Coyote's Call: An Eco-Memoir from the Missouri River Bluff" on October 3, 2009 at the South Dakota Festival of Books. Wilson also provides commentary on native prairie restoration. He is a professor of English and Journalism and is the retired managing editor of the South Dakota Magazine.


Bill Harlan, Communications Director for Sanford Lab, provides an update on what is going on at the lab and how they got to this point. Harlan also discusses how the lab is funded as well as daily activities at the lab. This presentation took place November 18, 2009 at the Civic Center.

Sanford Lab Update with Bill Harlan (part 1)
Sanford Lab Update with Bill Harlan (part 2)

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